Minneapolis' 3rd Precinct, has been a sore spot with people for the last 3 years, as that was the precinct building that was burned by protesters in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder. Recently, Minneapolis Police posted about a recent 24-hour period where they made 7 arrests and took 5 guns and narcotics off the streets.

Image Credit Age Barrios and Canva
Image Credit Age Barrios and Canva


According to the post from the Minneapolis Police Department:

Officers working in the 3rd precinct were busy over the weekend.
Within the span of 24 hours they removed narcotics from the street, recovered 5 firearms (3 pictured), and made 7 arrests. Great team effort by all of our shifts working tirelessly in the third to make #Minneapolis safer this past weekend!

While those don't seem like BIG numbers for a city of hundreds of thousands, it is progress in a precinct where officers are currently utilizing another building as a precinct until the future home can be decided.

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According to KSTP-TV the decision on the future home of the 3rd Precinct might be made in June.

The City of Minneapolis won’t decide on the future of its 3rd Police Precinct until at least June, more than three years after the police station burned during civil unrest. The City recently wrapped up community meetings and closed a survey that gave community members two options about the future of the precinct. Officials must decide if they’ll rebuild the 3rd Precinct at Lake St. and Minnehaha Ave. or spend an additional $10-15 million to build a brand new station down the street. - KSTP-TV

Any day that narcotics get taken off the streets is a good day, in my opinion.

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