ST. PAUL -- State health officials say they are closely monitoring a reemerging shortage of COVID-19 testing supplies.

The Minnesota Department of Health says an increasing number of cases across the country is creating more supply chain issues for protective equipment and testing supplies.

Infectious Disease Division Director Kris Ehresmann says there could also be an increase in lab processing time due to the higher demand for testing.

You may need to be prepared for a longer wait time for lab results. Many of us are used to being able to go to the doctor and getting a test result the next day which is wonderful, but that may not be possible with this increased demand. Some of the national labs are reporting that they are running 4-6 days to get results out which means that it may take up to 8 days if you are counting the day of collection and the day for the provider to contact you.

She says it is still unclear how much stress outbreaks in other states will put on the supply chain and how big the effects will be here in Minnesota.

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