Rolling Stone Magazine came out with its list of the top 100 TV shows of all time.  This will surely cause some controversy, which is likely why they have these lists.  One of my favorites, the Dick Van Dyke Show was way down the list while Mary Tyler Moore was #46 and the Andy Griffith Show was nowhere to be seen!!

Andy Griffith Remembered In Mount Airy, North Carolina
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The top 20 shows from 20 to 1 are:

20- Cheers

19- Curb Your Enthusiasm ?

18- Star Trek???  (come on!  I know there are a lot of Trekkies out there, but #18??)

17- Twin Peaks

16- M.A.S.H.

15- West Wing ?

14- The Larry Sanders Show

13- Late Night W/ David Letterman

12- Game of Thrones

11- (Something called) Freaks and Geeks ?

10- The Daily Show

 9- All in the Family

 8- Saturday Night Live (based on Longevity..)

 7- Twilight Zone

 6- The Simpsons

 5- Seinfeld

 4- Mad Men ?

 3- Breaking Bad

 2- The Wire

 1- The Sopranos


Now, I’ve not seen some of these like “The Wire” or “Thrones” but I’ve heard good things.  Some shows like “West Wing”, “SNL” or “The Daily Show” may have been good, but top 20?  I don’t think so. What do you think?


You can see the entire list at

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