Lake City, MN (KROC-AM News) - Despite the arrival of more seasonable weather, the ice in some areas on Lake Pepin grew slightly thicker over the past week. A new round of measurements taken by the US Army Corps of Engineers yesterday shows most of the ice is gone once you travel several miles north of Lake City but to the south of the scenic town there remains a stubborn 2-foot thick area of ice.

The thickest section was found less than a mile south of Lake City with ice was measured at 25 inches. That’s 3 inches thicker than it was at that spot last week and only about 5 inches of the ice was described as slushy. Wednesday’s measurements also show the ice is nearly or at 2 feet thick in a 6-mile section of the lake to the south of Lake City.

The measurements are used by the Corps of Engineers to plan for the start of the shipping season on the Upper Mississippi River, which could also be delayed by flooding this year.

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