Two teachers in Rochester, Minnesota might be on the hunt for some very bright hair dye soon.  Well, that's if their students at John Marshall High School accept the challenge in front of them.


Rochester Teacher May Soon Have Smurf Blue Hair If Students Step Up

Right now, all of the public high schools in Rochester, Minnesota, are having fun competitions and games to help raise funds for nonprofits in our community.  One teacher at JM has a special challenge though that could make him look a little "blue".

The school that I teach at is once again raising money for a few local Rochester charities...Family Promise homeless services & Christmas Anonymous. I have told my students that if I raise $1000 or more, I will dye my hair Smurf Blue...Any amount helps. Thank you! Go Rockets! - Pete Rietveld on Facebook

If you'd love to help out and turn Pete's hair blue, the donation page through JM Gives can be found at the Rochester Public Schools website here.


He's not the only teacher though that is ready to change up their hairstyle for charity.  According to the Rochester Public Schools website, here are a few other staff members that are challenging students:

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