Barron, WI (KROC AM News) - “The defendant stated when he saw J.L.C., he knew that was the girl he was going to take.” Those are among the chilling words found in the criminal complaint filed Monday in the Jayme Closs case.

Charged with two counts of 1st-degree murder as well as kidnapping and burglary was 21-year-old Jake Patterson, the Gordon, Wisconsin man accused of kidnapping the 13-year-old girl after murdering her parents in cold blood inside their home in October.

The complaint details the killings and how Patterson kept the girl at his house, forcing her to stay under a bed while he was away by placing storage bins and weights around the bottom of the bed. Jayme was able to push her way to freedom last Thursday while Patterson was gone and get out of the house. She has since been reunited with family members.

The complaint includes this portion of Patterson’s confession to police:

“The defendant stated he basically assumed he had gotten away with killing James and Denise,and kidnapping J.L.C. since he hadn’t been caught for the first two weeks. The defendant stated he had never met J.L.C. through any social media sites and only learned her name after the abduction and when he got back to his house. The defendant stated he learned the names of the two people he shot and killed after seeing their names reported on multiple news programs and social media. The defendant stated he never would have been caught if he would have planned everything perfectly.”

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