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Des Moines (AP) - Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is asking the federal government for nearly $4 billion to help recover from the unusual wind storm that struck the state last Monday.

Aerial view of the flattened corn in Tama County. (Courtesy of Kip Ladage)

The rare derecho storm system killed at least three people in the state, left thousands without power and extensively damaged crops.

Grain bins crushed in Tama County.
(Courtesy of Kip Ladage)


Perry, Iowa. (Courtesy of Rachel Lange) Huxley, Iowa. (Courtesy of

Reynolds says early damages assessments indicate more than 8,200 homes were destroyed or have major damage and 13 million acres of corn has been lost, about a third of the state's cropland. Costs include $3.78 billion in agriculture losses, $100 million for private utilities, $82 million for homes and $45 million for public assistance.

Ames, Iowa. (Courtesy Jason Mikkelsen)