The Minnesota Zoo is hosting another fun event that your kids will love. But it's only going to be open for a limited time this fall so if you're interested, plan your visit now! With the Minnesota Zoo being just over an hour from Rochester, MN it's an easy trip.

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I just saw on the zoo's Facebook page their announcement about the Dino Hideout event. I went to one of their dinosaur events a few years ago (pre-COVID for sure, but I can't remember when exactly I went). It may have been their first one and I remember it being super cool so I would definitely recommend going.

Dino Hideout is only open for a limited time this fall. They're calling it a fall preview to get people excited for an even bigger dino event that they'll do in the spring and summer.

The dinosaurs move and everything. It's really fun for all ages, but it would obviously be like a dream come true for your kids that are big dinosaur fans.

You still have a little bit of time to get up to the zoo and check this out. Dino Hideout will be open through November 1st.

Admission to Dino Hideout is also included in your regular daily admission to the zoo, so no extra cost. You can see the dinosaurs and also visit all of the animals at the zoo and make a day of it for the family.

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