Olmsted County Sheriff's Captain Scott Behrns joined James Rabe and Andy Brownell for Rochester Today on Newstalk 1340 KROC-AM this morning, to talk about what happened in Las Vegas last night, and how you as an individual can protect yourself if you were ever in a situation like this.

Capt. Behrns offered his reaction to what happened, and just like all of us, he was completely shocked at what happened.

Capt. Behrns shared his experience while in Vegas this year, and remembers the venue and what it is like. He describes the area as nothing special, and basically a sandy pit, there really wasn't much too it.

It was a tragic massacre last night, and Capt. Behrns offered some insight on what you can do to protect yourself and the people you are with.

When the shooting started, why did the band keep playing? Why were people still standing there? According to Capt. Behrns, it takes almost 15-20 seconds for the people to recognize the gun shots, and it is a sound that most people have never heard before.

This is far from over, too. The officers involved will be hard at work for days to finish this investigation:

It was a horrific attack, and it will take time before we have all the details as to why this happened.

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