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This evening, look for the Plummer Building, and other Mayo Clinic buildings in Minnesota and Wisconsin, to be lit in solidarity with the Asian community.

Click here to read about the tragic Atlanta shooting that happened, and is seen in the larger picture, to be part of attacks carried out against Asian Americans since the Coronavirus started killing people in the USA.

Plummer Building in September of 2020 (Photo Mayo Clinic News Network)
Plummer Building in September of 2020 (Photo Mayo Clinic News Network)

Starting at dusk tonight, the buildings will be lit red and gold. A press release from the clinic said they chose those colors because, "In many Asian cultures, red represents luck, joy and happiness, and gold represents prosperity."

"Mayo Clinic stands united in opposing acts of discrimination, harassment and violence against people of the Asian community.

The recent tragic shootings in Atlanta and the rising number of anti-Asian acts of hate since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic go against Mayo's values and all that it stands for as a place of hope and healing for people across the globe."

James Rabe
James Rabe

The buildings Mayo Clinic will light are, in our area...

Mayo Clinic Hospital in Arizona and Mayo Clinic in Florida entrance will also be lit red and gold.

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James Rabe - January 2020
The Plummer Building, unlit, with Mayo Clinic in the foreground. James Rabe - January 2020

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