Photo provided by Carla Nelson
Photo provided by Carla Nelson

Party: Republican

Official Bio:

The daughter of teachers and granddaughter of farmers, Carla learned the values of hard work, accountability, and responsibility from her parents and from spending summers on the family farm.

Carla received her Master's in Education from the University of Minnesota and taught for nearly ten years. Carla lives in Rochester, MN with her husband, Terry, and they have three grown sons.
Carla is also a nationally recognized leader in the insurance industry as a three-time member of the Million Dollar Round Table and is the Director of Business Development at Olmsted Financial Group, a company that she owns with her husband.

Carla never imagined getting involved in politics, but when local politicians tried to deny kids a neighborhood park, she got to work and has been fighting for the community ever since. As a principled conservative Carla spent her career as a public servant supporting Minnesota farmers, veterans, schools and local businesses. In the state legislature, Carla opposed the largest tax increase ever and fought against burdensome regulations. As a Member of Congress, Carla will continue fighting for Minnesota in Washington.

A champion of economic growth in the State Senate, Carla is a proven conservative leader fighting for fiscally responsible budgets, lower taxes for Southern Minnesota families, and strong, pro-student and parent education policies.

Your key platforms:

Fix our broken health care system by implementing free-market reforms.
Cut taxes and regulations that hurt Minnesota families, businesses, and farmers.
Invest in American infrastructure and manufacturing.

What’s one thing you want the Rochester community to know about you?

No one has fought harder for Rochester and Southern Minnesota as a whole in St. Paul, and no one will in Congress if I am honored to represent our community in Washington.

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