Photo provided by Nick Leonard


Party: Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Official Bio:

Nick Leonard is an accomplished lawyer, civic leader, activist, and entrepreneur endorsed by Our Revolution Minnesota - Bernie Sanders’ organization.

Leonard has deep Minnesota roots, a classic and high-quality Minnesota education, and possesses the dedication, experience, and ability to represent Minnesota. He was born and raised by hard-working Catholic parents in the small rural town of Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Leonard’s father, a Vietnam veteran, and mother, a retired U.S. Postmaster, instilled core Minnesota values of education, honesty, and ethics. Leonard earned an academic scholarship to St. John’s University, graduating with honors in Biology and Environmental Studies. After college, he received his law degree, with honors, from the University of Minnesota Law School where he started the Environmental Law Clinic and began a successful career as an intellectual property and patent attorney, working with two of Minneapolis’ most prestigious and iconic firms -- Robins Kaplan and Faegre Baker Daniels.

Throughout his life, Leonard has been a community builder and an advocate for civil rights. As a lawyer, he has represented clients in all walks of life, from advocating for the civil rights of individuals to protecting the patent rights of Minnesota's largest companies that drive innovation and high-paying jobs in our State. As an entrepreneur, Leonard has sought business opportunities to create communities and bring people together.

A lifelong athlete and sports enthusiast, Leonard has served as volunteer coach for basketball and volleyball and has created sports leagues for traditionally excluded communities. Leonard, an untiring community leader for over 30 years and in the tradition of a true Minnesota progressive, is committed to building strong relationships to pass laws that will address discrimination, sexual harassment, and oppression. When elected Leonard would make history as the first openly gay man to serve in the United States Senate.

Your key platforms:

Economy - I will work to make the economy work for everyone, not just the top 1%, increase all wages and pass a $15 minimum wage, fix crumbling infrastructure to create higher paying jobs, protect and support our unions, and make Equal Pay for Equal Work more than a just slogan.

Education - I will work to make sure ALL children have access to good schools, regardless of race, economic status, or where you were born; fully fund Special education and Mental Health programs in schools; and reduce class sizes.

Environment - I will work to save our planet, protect our water and parks, incentivize a renewable energy economy, and support wind and solar power.

Most importantly, I will work to get BIG money out of politics!

What’s one thing you want the Rochester community to know about you?

I understand the everyday concerns of Minnesota families -- they are the same concerns for my family too. As Senator, I will remain committed to Minnesota values and help families provide for their children, advancing legislation and policies to further strengthen our economy so it benefits all Americans – increase wages, advance equal pay for equal work, make taxation more equitable, address the student loan crisis, and make healthcare a fundamental right with single payer-Medicare for all. We’ll also pass and enforce laws to keep our environment clean and slow climate change. Together -- and only together -- can we hold the Trump Administration accountable, advocate for truth, and make our laws, elections, and culture fair and equitable.