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Party: Republican

Official Bio:

My Bio, wow, where do I start, I guess my "bio" is all on my site:, I did it this way, so I can show people, I am the one writing, and stating what I think, I am not like the rest of the Candidates who present accomplishments, my are based on management skills that I have working at the airport, if you step into my "World", you'll know what's difficult, and what's easy, this "same' concept is carried onto the Political World. I'm sure of it. Just on a larger scale... I didn't pass a policy or issue a "bill", I delegate, move traffic, do what I can to work with ALL people, people are culture's. It's the same "bleep" as it is when your that good in management, it's just a much bigger picture, so that's my bio, am I saying everything, no, because there is so much more to it than this, no joke... Hostility is as same in this part of life, or World, just like it is in Politics. Working with crazy people, is as same over here, as it is in politics, difference with me. I get it, most even political people don't, I know it, and it's tax money, not just people. This is why I say I will not take money or any of those benefits, even if their too come, which again I yet to check into it, i'll reverse it, give it back, and I will only do a term, I am not interested in doing many terms under this, if I am elected. I will blog about what I am doing daily to Minnesotan's, however, I do respect "classified" information, and I will only share some of that, because what if we're about to go to "war", I'll say something else, then what you should know until we're there, this is an example, alright. The MAIN thing to remember under this Candidate BIO is that, AUGUST 14th, 2018, you need to vote, it's like going to General Election, but it's the PRIMARY, so if you vote for me on AUGUST 14th, 2018, I can be on November 6th, 2018 BALLOT, and this is what I'll put on my Candidate BIO, Bio to me is a complex explanatory of someone, and if they don't have past political experience, I will get creative... READ MY BLOGS

Your key platforms:

My platform is based on helping people, or doing what I can to be in office to obtain knowledge of sort, what's out there, and bring that to the table, because a lot of people are still excluded from facts or services that they might be entitled to. Sure there are things out there, and people go search, but their not really presentable, and stuff is still hidden from people when they want things or need to do things, or change a policy maybe. I want to be the one who helps you figure it out more than others would, whatever it is or may-be?

What’s one thing you want the Rochester community to know about you?

You know, I will be the one, who will be for Humanism, what that is, straight up, for people and by people, Google the Word if you don't get it in fact. I talk about this to "some" point in my blogs, but not fully, because I want people, you the voters to understand where I am coming from, and the path that I see going forward. Because, some Candidates they talk about issues here, and there, left or right, a frankly, we have allot of issues, some Candidates talk about fixing this on the spot or that, but are those fixings fair, are they long term, how REAL are they? Real as in, we have ideas, hell, I have ideas, but reality check, can they become policy? or are we going to keep on "monkey" around, because if we can't get 51% or better yet 60% of vote in Senate, not just Congress, WE, as in Candidates, are truly wasting your tax money on not just pay to us, whomever takes the Senator Salary, and as I said I won't. And we're just wasting YOUR tax money on these policies or bills to be passed... More issues then arise, and so, it's like, what the f-nk, you know? What I would do is, I would review the policy or bill, and tell you the people in my blog what it is, I would say my view points, and then allow you the Minnesotan's to help me either you say you are okay with it or no, so majority would tell me if I should pass it or not. Because it's you the people who should know what the JUNK - MONKEY stuff is out there... TELL ME, who is willing to step up and do this? I'm sure after these Candidates read this, or my blogs, they'll say, sure I WILL, but will they? I know I will, because I am like you, I hate our politics, and I hate how people think, and I think you voters should vote for something DIFFERENT, something FRESH, something that dark KOOOL, get it? We're all crazy bunch of people who like to have a cocktail, pizza, martini, whatever your flavor is, so, I hate to say this, this isn't a "ONE-THING" Greater Rochester community of a statement or view point, it's big stuff...

I really do hope that people, pass what I say on to others, I hope that millennials aka young generation of 18 Years of age or older, talks to others, passes it on to their people, and you all LOOK, STUDY your Candidates, ALL of them, and my self too, read my blogs, and DECIDE who you want when you vote during PRIMARY, which again is AUGUST 14th, 2018, because whomever you vote for, will be on November 6th, 2018 BALLOT, that's your "represent-or" if your getting my drift... So have a Screw-Driver, and think. During PRIMARY time, I don't see that many going out and voting, their all just "ASSUMING" some one will be on GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT, and the answer is no... Many YOUNG people aren't quite getting that, so hope they all show up AUGUST 14, 2018... THANK YOU