Photo provided by Paula Overby


Party: Minnesota Green Party

Official Bio:

I am a proud graduate of the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a second major in computer science. In my first career, I provided community-based mental health services. I am principally a data analyst in my primary career. I imagine the future through the eyes of her children: two daughters and a son.
Beginning in 2012, I served on three of the state standing committees for the Minnesota DFL party where she focused intently on outreach and inclusion for underrepresented groups. Recognizing the exclusiveness of the political process, Paula transitioned to a candidate focused approach to political process reform.

I sought the Democratic endorsement for US House of Representatives in Minnesota’s second district in 2014. That same year, I continued the challenge by accepting the endorsement of the Independence Party of Minnesota, gaining 5% of the vote. I gained 8% of the vote in 2016 for the same office with the Independence party endorsement.
Combining insights from the function of major parties and the evolution of minor parties, I am now endorsed by the Green Party of Minnesota in a statewide campaign for U.S. Senate built around broad coalition strategies. I advocate for broader representation by advancing minor parties to major party status to expand participation among voters disenfranchised by the two-party gridlock. I seek to enhance transparency and accountability through increased diversity of representation. I envision a growing partnership between social activism and political representation, where public policy is driven by the value of humanity.

Your key platforms:

We need a major shift in spending priorities in Washington. My top three priorities are defined by the fastest rising costs in America: war spending, health care, and education

  1. I advocate for a peacetime military budget, reducing military spending.
  2. expanding investment in health care - I support Medicare for all, but I'm focused on increasing transparency and accountability in health care spending to control costs and expanding primary care services, particularly in rural areas.
  3. expanding investment in education for post-secondary education, ongoing job transition, and eliminating student debt.

Limiting military spending to national defense, eliminating senseless wars, and reducing global occupation creates ample resources for investment in a sustainable economic and social environment.

What’s one thing you want the Rochester community to know about you?

Rochester is a community that has grown rapidly in size and diversity. There is a resilience that has adapted well to those challenges. As a global epicenter of health care services, they have the potential to advance the creative solutions to promote creative solutions to local and regional solutions to the current healthcare crisis.