There are times in life when you have to stand up in the back and applaud.  Today, that is me, and it is for all of the small businesses that are doing their absolute best, and working extremely hard for their customers.  Days are long.  Resources at times are short.  And while support might be surrounding them, it is the complaints that sting the most, especially when they are public and Google Reviews.

One business in Southeast Minnesota felt that sting last week.  Darlin Bakery & Cafe, which opened in the past year in Stewartville, Minnesota, had a public complaint posted on Google Reviews and felt the need to address it publicly.  And their words are something that any business can probably relate to...and is a good reminder for the rest of us.

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Small Bakery in Minnesota Shares Heartfelt Message Regarding One-Star Review on Google

A few days ago, a one-star review showed up on Google for Darlin's Bakery & Cafe with the following words:

Tried to order a cake 1 week 1/2 ahead of time A 6 inch cake with no decor. Was told no could no do it they were booked up'! Never been told that from a bakery before. Either hire more people or quit making cakes!!' With never go there again.

- Tracy Bly

Minnesota Bakery Owner Shares On Social Media Their Side of the Story

Besides responding nicely to the review on Google, the owner of the small bakery also took a moment to share with the public the reality of owning a business.

❗️ Business Owner Rant ❗️
Sorry for the long story. I debated on posting this but I feel like it just needs to be said.
I have been very fortunate to have such a wonderful community supporting my new adventure, Darlin Bakery. I know we are not perfect and each day is a new day to grow and learn. We take everyone’s feedback and reviews to heart and try to make adjustment and make it right for whatever the situation is.
This is one example of many similar situations someone who owns a buisness may come across.

The post went on to explain all of the reasons why it wasn't possible to make the cake for this potential customer.

We received a phone call this morning asking us to make a cake in a week and a half. (We always let people know our turn around time is normally 2 weeks) My very kind sweet staff checked the calendar seen we were booked then asked me (owner and decorated) if we had time. I made the choice and said NO we do not. That very weekend we have 7 graduations, 6 weddings, 8 other birthday cakes. Mind you each graduation and wedding are for 50-300 people each. This is a VERY busy weekend for myself and staff as we prep decorate and deliver all these orders from Rochester to Wisconsin and into Iowa that weekend. I made the choice to turn down that order and my staff apologized to the customer who instantly escalated and got upset, hung up the phone then proceeded to go straight to Google and write a review because I could not fill their order.
We have had to turn down many cakes as we have been too booked to add more, this is a great problem to have and we are proud to be so busy.


Ordering a cake from us is nothing like ordering a cake from Target, Walmart, or Hyvee. We make everything homemade from scratch, cake, frosting, and decor. All of these items takes time and space.

There are only 24 hours in each day and the post went on to explain the other important things in life that would be missed if they did say "yes" to this cake.

If I took all orders and never turned one down I would miss every baseball game, family dinner, tournaments, date nights, and everything else in my life I enjoy and love.
I understand the frustration one can feel when not getting their way. Unfortunately for this person and anyone else that may have gotten upset for an order I couldn’t fill please remember next time your with your family and see how wonderful it really is and that is why I sometimes have to say no.

Photo by EmbedSocial on Unsplash
Photo by EmbedSocial on Unsplash

Reviews are extremely important for business owners but a hurtful review that is meaningless is not constructive feedback.

Reviews on small businesses mean SO MUCH for our success. So meaningful and or constructive feedback is always welcomed! A meaningless hurtful review is only hurting a buisness owner who has put their life into trying to make a company great for their community…. does them no good.


The final words are a great reminder for kind.

Long story short! Be kind, and your cake orders in ASAP because we book up fast! Again thank you to all of you who have supported me, understood me, and have been patient and kind! I am a business owner and I am also a human.


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