A bar in Minnesota was just recognized as one of the best in the entire world! This is quite the honor and it's only one of a few to make this list in the US.

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The Pinnacle Guide

The ratings are from a site called The Pinnacle Guide. They are "aiming to become the cocktail bar industry’s most respected accolade of excellence". They have bars around the world that have been reviewed on their website with their ranking of excellent, outstanding, or exceptional.

The way bars can be rated by The Pinnacle Guide is if the bar nominates themselves on The Pinnacle Guide's website. From there, the bar will go through "rigorous assessment modules, followed by a series of spot check interviews and anonymous in-bar reviews."

Once all of that has been completed, if The Pinnacle Guide deems the bar worthy to be on their website, the bar will get either 1 Pin (excellent), 2 Pins (outstanding), or 3 Pins (exceptional).

As of writing this post, no bar has earned the 3 Pin status yet.

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Minneapolis, MN Bar Named One of the Best in the World

A bar that did earn 1 Pin, though, and is the only Minnesota bar so far to do so, is Meteor in Minneapolis.

The Pinnacle Guide
The Pinnacle Guide

After the rigorous process, Meteor has earned themselves an 'Excellent' status on The Pinnacle Guide.

Meteor has been open for over 120 years. The Pinnacle Guide writes that Meteor "pays homage to the age-old concept of great drinks and great hospitality, showing heart-felt commitment to their community."

Only 5 other bars in the US have earned the 'Excellent' status so far. Those 5 bars are:

Cure - New Orleans, LA

Little Rituals - Phoenix, AZ

Magnus on Water - Biddeford, ME

Milady's - New York City, NY

The Dead Rabbit - New York City, NY

There are also four US bars that have earned the 'Outstanding' or 2 Pin rating. Those are:

Bitter and Twisted - Phoenix, AZ

Pretty Decent - Louisville, KY

Thunderbolt - Los Angeles, CA

True Laurel - San Francisco, CA

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