Ali Holman is a well-known fitness expert based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Holman founded, a popular website that offers 20-minute online workouts and meal plans, and was once named one of the "Most Influential People in Minneapolis" by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

Disturbing details about Holman's side hustle have recently surfaced and now she is facing lawsuits and being investigated by police.

Why Is Ali Holman Famous?

Ali quickly became a "celebrity" in the fitness world when she worked as a health correspondent on major networks such as CBS, FOX, NBC, NBCSports, and ABC. Additionally, she has been featured in publications like Glamour, Men's Fitness, and Shape Magazine.

Minnesota Celebrity Fitness Expert Faces Multiple Lawsuits

In addition to her fitness endeavors, Ali also runs a French Bulldog breeding business with her husband at their home in Dayton, Minnesota. The couple started this side business during the pandemic.

Gary Gershoff
Gary Gershoff

Recently, however, Holman has come under scrutiny due to serious allegations related to her dog breeding business. She is currently under police investigation and facing multiple civil lawsuits. The accusations include neglect and abuse of the animals in her care, as well as operating without a valid license.

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Fox 9 reported on the situation, speaking with Marianne Shumaker, who runs an animal cruelty watchdog group. Shumaker highlighted the severity of the complaints against Holman. "The stories are not just, you know, I didn't get what I paid for," Shumaker explained. "There are stories of people who receive puppies in horrible conditions, very sick. Sometimes they die within days of these consumers purchasing these puppies."

According to Bring Me The News, "The Dayton Police Department confirmed that on March 15 it received multiple complaints regarding the operation of an unlicensed breeding facility on the 12300 block of Overlook Road."

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