We are about 4 weeks out from Black Friday.  And Target has announced that they are launching their Black Friday deals this coming Sunday.  You can score big, too.  Up to 50 percent off several items.

So, if you are looking to do some early holiday shopping, get a jump on it this weekend.  Apparently they will be adding new deals each week leading up to Thanksgiving weekend, which is the actual "black Friday".

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According to Bring Me the News, these willbe the deals that will happen this coming Sunday, then more will be added next weekend and so forth.

Generally speaking, you do need to get there as early as possible if you are looking for an item that is super popular.  Otherwise you may have to order it, or wait for shipping, and by then it could be on back-order.  These are all possible but not necessarily scenarios.

Most of these deals are electronic, at least for this first round of deals. Electronics are usually the highly anticipated or "hot" holiday item every year.  Just which one is the most popular?  That tends to vary.  But electronics are usually a great way to go if you are having a hard time deciding on what to buy for someone. Especially a kid or young adult.

Happy holiday shopping!

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