MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- The Minnesota Supreme Court says workers' compensation for injured employees doesn't cover medical marijuana because the drug remains illegal under federal law.

The high court issued a pair of rulings Wednesday that overturned lower court orders for employers to pay for medical marijuana to treat work-related injuries.

Federal law prohibits the prescribing and possession of marijuana regardless of state laws authorizing it.

The court says that blocks employers from being required to pay for medical cannabis.

Justice Margaret Chutich wrote in dissent that the effect is to prevent injured workers who suffer intractable pain from receiving the relief medical cannabis can bring.

Experience a Life of Luxury in One of Minnesota's Most Expensive Vrbos

Vrbos are typically more expensive and meant for larger groups than Airbnbs, but some Vrbos are crazy expensive. This one in St. Louis Park, Minnesota is one of Minnesota's most expensive Vrbos. It's huge, very modern, and the pool is a dang saltwater pool. There's also a cat in a few of their pictures and it's adorable. The cat is in 3 of the pictures, let's see if you can find all 3. It's like Where's Waldo!

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