(Rochester, MN)  Learfield Wire Services/TTWN Media Networks -- Minnesota's two current U-S senators continue to receive strong support from the Democratic Party. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith officially received the D-F-L endorsement at the state convention last night in Rochester (Friday). Klobuchar said the American people need good jobs and lower costs on everything from airfare to college, and it's time to take on big interests. Senator Smith won the endorsement on the first ballot with 74-and-a-half percent of the vote. Smith vowed to be a voice for regular people against special interests in Washington, saying, "do not under-estimate me." Republican-turned-Democrat Richard Painter received 17-point-six percent support, Minneapolis attorney Nick Leonard got four-point-seven percent and Ali Ali had two-point-seven percent of the vote. Smith is running for the U-S Senate seat she took over for Al Franken in January.

(Duluth, MN) -- Minnesota Republicans chose their candidates to challenge U-S Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith at the state convention in Duluth. The G-O-P endorsed state Senator Karin (KAR'-in) Housley on the first ballot to run against Democrat Smith. Housley said Smith did nothing as Governor Dayton's lieutenant governor and the only time she actually did anything was "when she was a high-powered lobbyist for Planned Parenthood." Delegates picked state Representative Jim Newberger to run against Klobuchar. Newberger told the crowd, "the 12-year reign of ultra-liberal Amy Klobuchar must come to an end." He says he'll put an end to the refugee resettlement program and stop funding "sanctuary cities." Newberger has his work cut out for him in challenging Klobuchar because her poll numbers are consistently high. Both parties are expected to endorse candidates for governor at their state conventions today (Saturday).

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