WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. (AP) — A former Minnesota Gophers captain has resigned as assistant coach of the White Bear Lake girls' hockey team after acknowledging he entered the team's locker room without knocking.

Kevin Hartzell wrote about his resignation in a column in Let's Play Hockey magazine. Hartzell wrote that he was going to get two players who were 10 minutes late getting on the ice for practice when he went into the locker room.

Hartzell wrote that a father of a Bears' player said in an email "how bad it could have been had these girls not been dressed adequately." Hartzell, who has a daughter, wrote that the girls "being undressed was furthest from what I thought I might see."

Hartzell wrote the girls were adequately dressed. He declined comment to the Star Tribune.

Hartzell played with the Gophers from 1978-1982.