St Paul,MN  (KROC AM News) -  Minnesota is asking the feds for more time to bring the state into compliance with the REAL ID law.

The legislature approved a bill earlier this year and it was signed by Gov Dayton. Minnesotans faced the risk of not being allowed to enter federal government sites and board airplanes because the state had resisted adopting the changes required under the Act.

Minnesota officials have been assured that federal agencies will honor the current extension as long as the state continues to make progress in meeting the requirements of the Act. 

Under a federal mandate, the state had until Oct 10th to be in compliance. The state wants the deadline extended another year.A formal decision is expected soon.

Here is the notice from Sam Fettig, Gov. Dayton's Press Secretary:

“Today, Governor Dayton’s Chief of Staff, Jaime Tincher, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Legislative Affairs, Joanna Dornfeld, had a productive meeting with three senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – Ted Sobel, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Screening Coordination; Steve Yonkers, Director of Identity and Credentialing for Screening Coordination, including REAL ID; and Kim Johnson, Senior Engagement Manager for Intergovernmental Affairs.

“In that meeting, Ms. Tincher and Ms. Dornfeld presented the attached letter from Governor Dayton, requesting an extension as Minnesota works to comply with the federal REAL ID requirements. Mr. Sobel and Mr. Yonkers assured Ms. Tincher and Ms. Dornfeld that states which continue to make progress with compliance will continue to be granted extensions. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has been and will remain in close communication with DHS, including quarterly calls to update the federal agency on our progress.

“Given the current focus of DHS on hurricane relief efforts, it is likely that states receiving an extension may not have it in writing by October 11, when the current extension is set to expire. However, DHS has assured Minnesota that federal agencies will honor the current extension, until DHS makes final extension decisions.

“All Minnesotans should rest assured that they can continue to board airplanes and access federal facilities, as Minnesota works to fully implement REAL ID and comply with federal requirements.”

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