This is as random a story as you'll ever read from the land of 10,000 lakes.

A very bizarre spectacle unfolded on Fish Lake near Stark, Minnesota over the weekend when two Chisago sheriff's deputies just so happened to notice a group of five women were having some "trouble" on the water...

Now here's where things get, ahem, interesting. The ladies, who were floating on a giant rainbow unicorn and yelling for help, clearly stood out to a crowd of onlookers. Were they losing air and in fear of drowning? No. They simply didn't want to touch the massive buildup of seaweed that was all around them.

Amused, one of the officers then threw a rope out to the stranded lake-goers and reeled them in by hand. You can watch the whole thing play out below, courtesy of the Chisago County Sheriff's Twitter account:

First of all, I don't understand why they couldn't touch the weeds? The officer literally just pulled them to shore with little to no effort at all. Couldn't they have just paddled themselves in, or is this whole thing just a joke?

I mean, swim to shore for crying out loud. Why even go out onto a lake if you're this freaked out about a little seaweed?!

I'm no detective but I'm thinking some alcohol may have been involved here. Still pretty funny though. I'm sure they're getting ripped pretty good today at work.

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