MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Legislation that would legalize cannabis use for adults and expunge most minor marijuana convictions is expected to head to a full floor vote in the Minnesota House next week after a dozen hearings. The floor vote would be the first time that a legalization bill has made it that far in the Legislature.

It's likely to pass the Democratic-controlled House but its chances remain slim in the Republican-controlled Senate. GOP Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says he doesn't see cannabis legalization as a priority. Legalization activists are pinning their hopes on the 2022 election.

Your Work Is Cut Out For You Here - $150,000 Fixer Upper in Rochester, Minnesota

We feature a lot of fancy dream homes on this site, and I think it's OK to feature homes that real people can afford without paying a huge mortgage. Perfect for everyone? Nope...but for the right family, this will be a chance to dream big and have a mortgage possibly under $1,000/month.

PS - Not ripping on realtors, homebuilders, etc. They play an important role in our community. The housing crisis is what it is.
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