A Minnesota musician is calling on the public to help locate his missing bird and is offering a large cash reward. Chris Mochinski, a member of the popular band Junk FM, says he was taking gear from his house to his car when the green cheek conure flew out the front door.

Chris moved from the Twin Cities area to Rochester to marry his wife. He said he had a ton of close friends up there, but "here, locally, I don’t have so many - but this silly bird has kinda been my dude."

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Minnesota Musician Offers Cash Reward For Missing Bird

The bird's name is Biscuit. He is a little bigger than a robin and very colorful. Biscuit has a green back, a red tail, and an orange belly, and an ID band on his ankle.

Mochinski says the bird can say his name and several other words.

The musician knows that finding Biscuit is a long shot, but also knows the power of social media, and is hoping someone will be able to locate his little buddy.

Chris Mochinski
Chris Mochinski

Chris says Biscuit loves sunflower seeds and humans: "Seeds or no seeds, he may land on you. If he does, you can grab him and gently hold him “like a hotdog.” He likes it. I think it makes him feel warm."

If you do happen to find the bird and are able to grab it, Mochinski asks that you message him immediately on social media.

Chris is offering a cash reward but isn't disclosing the amount. He does say "It won’t be small."

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