Drunk driving fatalities in the United States have been reduced by nearly 50% since the early 1980s, but drunk driving still remains a serious problem across America.

According to the latest study from Backgroundchecks.org Minnesota has done pretty well, ranking 37th when it comes to states with the worst DUI problems in the U.S.

A couple of Minnesota's neighbors do rank in the Top 10. South Dakota came in at #2, North Dakota at #4 and Wisconsin at #10. Iowa was #28.

According to the study, Minnesota had 20,186 in 2018 and 105 fatalities related to drunk driving. Although that was a 25% increase from 2017, Minnesota did see a great Drunk Driving Severity score of 5.49. The top state was Wyoming, who came in with a DUI Severity Score of 12.65, while the lowest was Massachusetts at 3.15.

Although the midwest does have a reputation of drinking, Minnesota ranked out pretty well compared to its neighbors.

You can read the full study for yourself HERE.