Don't know about you, but I am so ready to put that last game the Minnesota Vikings played behind us and move on to Thanksgiving's game. However, if you're like me this Thanksgiving and not at home, you might need to figure out if you can watch it or not. Turns out the game is NOT on Prime.

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Like each year the Vikings happen to be playing the Thursday Thanksgiving game, I have to do my research on where the game will be played. The reason being, is because it's tradition to have Thanksgiving at mom and dad's up more North in Minnesota in the country. They decided years ago, after all their children left, they didn't need cable or dish anymore. Which is normally fine, except they don't have much for streaming services to get live channels either. There in lies my issue of trying to watch the Vikings game.

This year however, I got really excited thinking I could just log onto my Prime and watch the game easy-peasy. Nope! This is reason number 167, Vikings fans can't have nice things, it's not being played on Prime this year. The schedule for Prime is every Thursday since week 2 of the NFL season EXCEPT week 12...the Thanksgiving game. It would have to get changed up, just for our game, wouldn't it? Well, maybe it will be easier to watch for fans than we think.

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I went on a mission to figure out where it was being played and here's what I found, this particular Thursday night game will be on the NBC network,

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and can be seen as well on NBC Sports, NFL + and Peacock (NBC's streaming service). Turns out there are plenty of options and I now know I will be able to find the game at mom and dad's (hasn't always been the case in the past).

Now here's to hoping our boys show up for a night game and on Thanksgiving! I'm feeling good about it and hope to see Kirk doing his dance moves like this again after:

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