It will probably come as no surprise, as there has been speculation surrounding Blair Walsh and his kicking duties for the Minnesota Vikings for weeks. But on Tuesday (November 15), the Vikings announced that they had released him.

Walsh, who was in his fifth season as the kicker for the Vikings, has missed four field goals this season and, more importantly, four extra points. He was taken by the Vikings with the fifth pick of the sixth round of the 2012 NFL draft. Prior to this season, Walsh had a field goal accuracy rate of more than 85%, but a huge missed field goal in last season's playoffs seems to have sapped him of his confidence.

Last week, the Vikings brought in six free agent kickers for a tryout. It still waits to be seen if any of those who were brought in take over kicking duties for the rest of the season. Walsh signed a new four-year contract last off-season with a base salary of $1,150,000. So, his release will definitely cost the Minnesota Vikings, both in Walsh's guaranteed contract money and their salary cap space.

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