Had to look, but according to this state document, there are a combined 2,635 cities and town in our state of Minnesota. At least there were. As of Tuesday, February 28, 2023 we can add one more to that number. That's right Minnesota officially has another city.

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Not only do we have a new city, but the city also has their first mayor. As reported by the Star Tribune;

There were 319 votes cast in the Valentine's Day special election.

To which Trent Larson was voted the cities first mayor and four other elects, Tom Kaldunski, Danny Rubio, Eric Hanson and Marla Vagts will serve as the new city council. But I'm sure you're wondering more pressing matters. Such as;

What is the name of this new city?

Glad you asked. The name is Empire.

Image Credit: Kare 11 via YouTube
Image Credit: Kare 11 via YouTube

Empire, Minnesota has around 3,200 residents and is about a two hour drive from St. Cloud. Located in the county of Dakota and near Lakeville, Rosemount and Farmington. As a matter of fact, the reason they decided to go from a township to a city, as told by Star Tribune;

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in order to establish borders and prevent annexation of new developments by the exploding Dakota County cities of Lakeville, Rosemount and Farmington.

If you head to their Empire Township site it starts out with the happy "Welcome to our City!", which it official now is. But scrolling down you can see their announcement

In early 2023, Empire Township will become the City of Empire

and they give a link to see what that all means for the people of the new Minnesota city. But hey if you've been looking for a change and wanting to move, they'll be looking to grow and as they say, they're expected too,

by 50% in the next 18 years as gravel mines in the north of the Township are played out and develop into residential subdivisions and new developments occur near the existing suburban area.

More on that can be read here. But always exciting to see Minnesota growing in a positive way, so with that I say, CITY of Empire, Welcome!


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