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I was very sad to read that the Minnesota Zoo's beloved red panda, Min, passed away about a week and a half ago. Min was definitely a favorite among guests to the zoo and zoo staff too.

The Minnesota Zoo made the announcement late last week that the week prior Min had died at the age of 10. In the announcement, they said Min "had a number of health issues and her interest in exploring her habitat and eating had been declining recently." Their Animal Health and Animal Care teams gave her "the best care possible."

Credit: Minnesota Zoo via Facebook

In their announcement, they mention that when they first got Min she was very shy and sweet so it took a little bit for her to trust the zoo employees. Eventually, Min ended forming a "deep bond with her favorite zookeeper, Melissa."

I used to go to the Minnesota Zoo a lot. I'd go with my family, but I went a lot more in my high school years because I went to a high school that was in connection with the Minnesota Zoo. I saw Min many times and she was always one of my favorites. She was so cute and looked to be having a great time hanging out on her favorite branch. It's sad that she will no longer be there to greet guests with her adorable little face.

Credit: Minnesota Zoo via Facebook

The Minnesota Zoo doesn't have any other red pandas and they don't mention anything about the possibility of getting another red panda to add to the zoo family. We'll have to wait and see.

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