It's always so much fun to drive to the middle of nowhere and look up at the stars. Well, three nights this August, you will be able to see the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn all lineup, according to KARA 11.

Mark your calendars because this event is happening August 9th-11th. Luckily for us, it is happening on a weekend, so you can stay up late and see these events happening and not have to worry about being at work the next morning. The science stuff is way over my head... I took the easiest science classes in college because I struggle in that department, so I might not be explaining this well.

According to Earth's Sky, Jupiter will be the brightest planet this month because of the placement of Venus. That has to do with how the planets orbit the sun. This site is fun to look at if you are into space stuff and stargazing. They have a lot of good information.

Here's what you will see on August 9-11:

August 9th: You will see the Moon above Jupiter and Saturn will be to the left of Jupiter

August 10th: The Moon will between Saturn and Jupiter

August 11th: The Moon will be to the left of Saturn

It's best to see this outside the city limits. All you need to do is look up and you will see a sight you'll never forget!

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