THC lounges/canna-bars seem to be slowly popping up all around Minnesota. One that I learned about last week is in Duluth. It's part of Bent Paddle Brewing called the Cann-A-Lounge. But there's another spot that's much closer to us here in Rochester, MN, about 90 minutes away, and this one is officially the first THC lounge/canna-bar in the entire state of Minnesota.

Potshotz via Facebook
Potshotz via Facebook

What are Canna-Bars?

First of all, though, what the heck are canna-bars? Basically, they're like your usual bar or brewery but these canna-bars (or THC lounges, whatever you want to call them) serve drinks infused with cannabis.

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The Twin Cities First Canna-Bar/THC Lounge

This specific canna-bar is about 90 minutes from Rochester up in St. Paul. It's the first canna-bar in the state of Minnesota and the first one in the Twin Cities area. It's called Potshotz and based on their Facebook page it looks like they just opened in January of this year.

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Potshotz serves drinks infused with THC and, similar to a brewery, they have plenty of games to encourage you to hang out with your friends for a while. Of course, there are plenty of snacks for sale as well, plus coloring books if you're in a doodling mood.

As far as I know, Potshotz and the Bent Paddle Cann-A-Lounge in Duluth are the only two canna-bars in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. However, I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few more start to pop up over the next year or so.

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