I am so excited about this, you have no idea! Having grown up in the Twin Cities I experienced the struggle of parking at the Mall of America far too often, especially during the holidays.

Now the hassle of finding a parking spot got a million times easier.MOA just unveiled a new digital parking system to help you find an open spot!

So what happens is you drive up to the east or west parking ramp and it'll display on a sign outside how many open spots are in that ramp. You'll go into the ramp and there will be lights above every parking spot that detects if there's a car there from a camera. Green means the spot is open, red means it's taken, and blue means an open accessibility spot. As you go up to different levels there are other signs saying there are x amount of spots on the next level up! This is so incredibly convenient and I'm really excited that they did this right at the start of holiday shopping!

And if you have a passenger in the car they can help you find an open spot as you pull up to MOA! How do they do that? On the MOA website! You click the green "Available Parking" banner and a drop-down window opens up to tell you how many spaces are available in each ramp. I'm sorry, I'm freaking out over here, this is amazing!



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