A movie based on the book "Brother's Keeper" recently wrapped-up filming in Owatonna! So if you came across a camera crew, that'd be why!

"Brother's Keeper" is a true story about the 2009 Abilene high school football team from central Texas. They were an unranked team and overcame many obstacles in their personal lives and banned together to eventually win the state championship!

The movie is being directed by Minnesota native, Todd Randall, and there are many Minnesotan actors who play small roles. Todd said in an interview with Kare 11 that "'it's a little tiny, indie, low-budget movie and we just got lucky enough to have the people that we have on our cast and our crew.'"

In fact, acclaimed actor Laurence Fishburne was inspired by the story and decided he wanted to be a part of the film. He was actually in Owatonna for a while filming!

There were several Hennepin Technical College students who got involved in the production you might catch glimpses of the Owatonna high school band in the movie! They ended up playing extras in some of the scenes!

Unfortunately, you won't recognize much of Owatonna in the movie. They filmed here due to budget constraints but are going to be traveling to Texas in the fall to film some exterior shots and, of course, to film the football portion of the movie.


Source: Kare 11


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