Holiday decorations don't only spark joy for the families who deck their halls. Neighbors also benefit from the season of twinkling lights.

On TikTok, a video of a neighbor's earnest compliments for a family's outdoor Christmas lights display is warming our hearts this holiday season.

In the viral video shared by TikTok user @hustlinmama1, a friendly neighbor approaches the family's Ring camera to gush about how "beautiful" their Christmas decorations are.

"I wanted to thank you for your Christmas decorations. They are just so beautiful," the neighbor, Nancy, says, adding that she never gets "around to getting anything put up anymore" because she's "getting old."

"I want to tell you that every single night, I look out my back door, and I see your decorations, and it just fills my heart with joy. So, I just wanted to say thank you," the sweet neighbor continues.

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Nancy's sweet compliments sent TikTok viewers into a festive frenzy.

In the comment section, many users asked @hustlinmama1 to share a video of her family's festive front yard, while others suggested she and her family help decorate Nancy's home, too.

"Don't leave us hanging…let's see the house all decorated," one user commented.

"Please help her decorate. This would make her Christmas extra special," someone else wrote.

"Go help her set up her yard. She is so sweet," another encouraged.

In a follow-up video, @hustlinmama1 and her family revealed that they delivered a little holiday cheer for Nancy and even met Nancy's husband, Tom, in the process.

"We dropped off a beautiful poinsettia yesterday, along with a 4' inflatable Santa. We purchased some garland and lights and went over this evening to hang them up," @hustlinmama1 captioned her video, which ends with a shot of Nancy's now-decorated front yard.

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In the comments, viewers proclaimed the family's new friendship with their neighbors a "Christmas Miracle."

"Such a kind thing to do for your neighbors and a fun memory for you to create for your son," one user wrote.

"This is exactly what Christmas should be about…sharing the love and the joy," another commented.

"Why is this making me cry? This is the perfect example of human kindness," someone else wrote.

"It's a real-life Christmas miracle! I am showing this vid to my family, too!" another user shared.

In a more recent follow-up video, @hustlinmama1 revealed she and Nancy were finally able to meet in person.

"We are adopting them as family and we are going to have game nights, and drink coffee on the porch. I didn’t know how much I needed them in my life and I am so so excited to know they are right down the road," @hustlinmama1 captioned the post.

Watch the adorable encounter below:

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