Your vote counts.

It can't be stressed any easier than that. Our country is more divided than it's ever been and it's time to make your voice heard. Whether you're red or blue, right or left, or maybe somewhere in between, there's literally no excuse not to get to the polls for this November's midterm elections to cast your vote.

That's why on Tuesday, September 25th, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm theSkimm is bringing their No Excuses Campaign to Rochester, hosted by Charlie's Eatery and Pub. No Excuses is a nonpartisan campaign aiming to get 100,000 people to the polls November 6th. Because it's also National Voter Registration Day, they want to help get the word out and connect people within our communities on how important it is to vote.

"It's all about getting people registered, and committed to vote no matter who your political party is," says event coordinator Danielle Johnson. "I am trying to stress that even our local primary elections is Rochester were decided by single-digit votes, so your vote really, really matters."

On top of getting registered, you can also hang out to socialize, pick up free swag and win some awesome prizes.

For more information on The Skimm or No Excuses visit:

*I'm acknowledging I have a personal relationship with the events coordinator, which is why I'm spreading the news on this event on my personal page, and station's website.

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