The Northfield Police Department and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are looking for the public's help in finding a missing Northfield man who also has dementia.

According to the Minnesota BCA and Northfield Police:

Daryl Budenski, 71, is 5'9", 145 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses and usually wears a baseball cap. Budenski may be on foot as he does not own a vehicle and his bicycle is at home. His phone is turned off. Mr. Budenski has dementia and authorities are concerned for his welfare. Anyone with information on Daryl Budenski's whereabouts is urged to call Northfield Police at 507-645-4477 or dial 911.

It's unclear where Budenski was last seen, but there is a good chance that since he left his bicycle he is on foot. You may have perhaps seen Mr. Budenski walking along a road, and that may have been at the time out of place to see someone walking along that road, or at that time.

According to the Alzheimers website when talking to someone or approaching someone who seems lost or confused you should.

When approaching someone you believe is living with dementia and needs help, consider the following:

  1. Get close enough that you’re able to hear each other and make eye contact, but not so close that you’re in their personal space or are making them feel uncomfortable.
  2. Make sure your body language is relaxed and open.
  3. Speak calmly and slowly. Take your time to explain and listen to their answers.
  4. Use short, simple sentences and avoid complicated questions. Use simple language and ask one question at a time.
  5. If the person doesn’t understand what you’re saying, rephrase rather than repeat the sentence. Using non-verbal communication – like pointing in a certain direction – can help make things clearer and easier to understand.

Stay with them if possible and try to help them stay calm. Reassure them as many times as necessary that you’re there to help – by building trust, you may be able to find out more information from them.

Contact the police as soon as possible to report that you believe you’ve found a vulnerable person.

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