If you're looking for a delicious, romantic restaurant to take that special someone to, there are lots of options in Rochester, Minnesota, but none made the list of the MOST romantic restaurants across the country. One restaurant in Minnesota did though, and it's about 90 minutes from Rochester.

100 Most Romantic Restaurants in the US

The entire list that I'm referring to was done by OpenTable and is based on the millions of restaurant reviews on their website. The list consists of the 100 most romantic restaurants across the country. A majority of the restaurants on the list are on the east and west coasts. There are also some down south and there are even 8 in Hawaii. But in Minnesota and our four surrounding states only one restaurant made the list and yes, it's the one in our state!

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There are other restaurants in the midwest that made the list, but those are in Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. Also, the restaurants in the top 100 aren't in any particular order from what I could tell.

So the most romantic restaurant in Minnesota is...

Most Romantic Restaurant in Minnesota

It's a restaurant called Baldamar in Roseville. Based on their website, their big focus is on their meats. They say, "It’s where every steak is aged 40 days and 40 nights for a taste of biblical proportion, and where crazy-fresh seafood means it was caught during your morning commute." Now that sounds like some quality stuff.

But what makes them romantic? Other than the fact that the food would definitely impress your date, the atmosphere also adds to it. They have lots of dark furniture and decor and strategic lighting to make it just dim enough throughout that it feels intimate.

As you probably guessed, the food isn't cheap, but if you've got the money to spend and are looking for a romantic spot, this sounds like the place to go!

The Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Rochester Minnesota

If you're planning the perfect date night you should visit one of the restaurants listed below. These are the 10 most romantic restaurants in Rochester, Minnesota based on customers reviews left on Yelp.

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