Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Here’s another example of why every vote counts.

The Rochester City Clerk’s office Tuesday conducted a recount of the votes cast in the Aug.14th primary for the City Council Ward 1 seat. Election night results showed Patrick Keane beating the other candidates. Heather Holmes finished second but only 5 more votes than third-place finisher Paul Myhrom, who asked for the recount. The results of the recount found Myhrom picked up three more votes - meaning he finished just two behind Holmes, who will face Keane in the November election.

So what would have happened had there been a tie?

City Clerk Anissa Hollingshead says had there been a tie, “ The appropriate canvassing board (in this case the City Council) would resolve the tie by a method of chance, such as flipping a coin or drawing lots. That is what is prescribed by state election law.”

There will be another recount Wednesday of the votes in the 5th ward primary contest, which was won by Shaun Palmer. Finishing second was Judy Hickey but she edged out Byron Clark by just 18 votes. The results of both recounts will be certified by the City Council Friday.

It’s believed this is the first time there have been two recounts involving the same election.

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