In the midst of all this rain and flooding, a little glimmer of good news just popped up for Southeast Minnesota.  If you love grand openings and new stores, a new store that you are going to love is opening soon in Rochester.

Opening Date Just Announced for New Ross Store in Rochester, Minnesota

For about 10 years, the Med City had the pleasure of having Dick's Sporting Goods in town near the South Target store and Old Navy.  I remember shopping there with my kids quite a few times for all of the sports-related items we needed to buy.  It was a great store!  Unfortunately, an announcement was made that this store was closing at the end of January in 2017. 

This store has been empty ever since.


In October 2023, Townsquare Media shared the exciting news with their fans that two new stores were coming to Rochester in the old Dick's Sporting Goods location at Maine Avenue SE.  One of the new stores was Burlington, which has already opened its doors.  The other new store was Ross Dress For Less!  The date for this location has been a TBD...until now.  If you love discounts, get ready to spend that next paycheck because opening date is very soon.  Keep reading and I'll share that below.

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What Can I Expect To Find at the New Ross Dress For Less Store?

I grew up with a Burlington (back then we called it Burlington Coat Factory) about 30 minutes from my hometown in Iowa, so I was pretty familiar with that store.  They had more than coats back then, just like they do today.  However, I haven't ever been inside a Ross store, so I was curious about this one and based on the description below, I'm thinking this sounds like my kind of place to shop.

Since 1982, our focus has been on bringing our customers a constant stream of high-quality department and specialty store brands at extraordinary savings (aka bargains) while providing an easy, fun and organized shopping experience.

- Ross Dress for Less

I hopped onto the Instagram page for Ross Dress For Less and from what I could see, this store seems to be very similar to a T.J. Maxx and Marshall's, BOTH stores that I also love!



Here's When The New Ross Dress For Less Store in Rochester, Minnesota is Opening

You aren't going to have to wait long to check out the bargains at Ross Dress For Less.  According to Google and the Ross Dress For Less website, opening date is projected to be Saturday, July 20th!

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