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What do you call this popular dish?  It's an easy meal that anyone can make.  You just take a piece of bread, butter both sides, cut a hole out in the middle, and fry it up with an egg in the middle.  It's a main dish for many families in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin and is one dish that goes by multiple names - 14 to be exact.

Popular Egg Dish in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois Has 14 Different Names

I grew up eating this delicious feast and my favorite part of the entire meal were the buttered circles that were cut out and fried up.  I also liked my yolk squishy.  I know there is a real term for that but squishy is what I go by.  I'd pop the yolk in my mouth and let it squish out and then I'd eat the bread part.  It's what I did as a kid and if I make it for dinner tonight, I'd eat it the same way again.

Our family called this dish an "egg in a hole" but when I was talking about it the other day and mentioned that name, the person I was chatting with just had a blank stare.  Turns out, we both knew the dish but we called it two different things.  I had to ask and see if there were other names for this dish and turns out, there are a bunch!

This Popular Dish in Minnesota and Iowa Has 14 Different Names

What do you call this popular dish in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin that features a piece of bread that is buttered on both sides, had a hole cut out of the middle, and gets fried up with an egg in the middle? Well, it seems like there isn't just one name but 14 different names.

Do you have a different name for this dish?  I found out through some co-workers at 92.7 WOBM have even more amazing names for this fun dish.  Let me know what you call it!  You can find my contact info here.

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