If you love ribs, there is a huge event in Minnesota on July 28th, 29th, and 30th that you are going to want to show up for.  The Great Midwest Rib Fest is back at Mystic Lake Casino!  And if you show up at the right time, you could see a huge celeb chowing down on some ribs too.


Popular Eating Machine Celebrity Coming Back to Minnesota on July 30th!

I'm a huge fan of ribs but I KNOW I am not a match for the one and only Joey Chestnut.  He just dominated again at the hot dog eating championship but will once again be chowing down on some ribs at The Great Midwest Rib Fest World Eating Championship.

Apparently, Joey Chestnut is the world record holder for eating the most amount of ribs back in 2013.  If you are curious how much he had to eat to win that title?  Keep reading.  I've got the answer below.


Everything You Need to Know About The Great Midwest Rib Fest in Minnesota

If you are thinking of making a road trip to check out the Rib Fest in Minnesota, here are a few fun details to know before you go.

  • WHEN:  July 28th (5pm - 10pm), 29th (5pm - 10pm), and 30th (11am - 10pm).
    • If you want to go for the World Record Rib Eating Contest, you will want to show up on July 30th, 2022, and be ready for some big eating at 2 pm
  • WHERE: Mystic Lake Casino Hotel (get directions here)
  • EVENT DETAILS:  Live music, mouthwatering ribs, and a ton of outdoor fun!
  • COST:  Admission is free.
  • WORLD RECORD RIB EATING CONTEST DETAILS: contestants will get 12 minutes to eat as many ribs as possible
  • LEARN MORE:  Find more info at their Facebook event here or on the Mystic Lake website.
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Joey Chestnut won the world record back in 2013

I have zero idea how Joey Chestnut can contain the amount of food that he does in all of the competitions that he enters but it is impressive.  It makes me sick a little bit knowing that he has consumed over 70 hot dogs in one sitting, but still impressive.

So, how many pounds of ribs did Joey Chestnut eat when he received the world record in 2013?  Amazingly, he somehow managed to eat 13.76 pounds of ribs.

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