Heads up if you've been shopping at Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, or Illinois Target stores lately.   A voluntary recall was just issued for a protein bar that was sold in select Target stores nationwide.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Bobo's of Boulder, Colorado has voluntarily recalled the 4-Pack Almond Butter Protein Bars that were distributed through select Target stores nationwide.  These protein bars may have peanuts in them, which wasn't listed on the packaging.  This could be life-threatening or serious for anyone who has a peanut allergy or sensitivity.

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The protein bars are 2.2 oz and were sold in 4-packs.  Here's how to identify the product that is part of this voluntary recall:

  • 4-pack Multipack UPC:8-29262-00326-6,
  • individual bar UPC:8-29262-00201-6,
  • Master Case UPC:8-29262-00370-9,
  • lot code found on a stamp on the back of the bar: 1H18403L,
  • Best By 5/15/2022.

Read more about this specific recall and what to do if you purchased this product at the FDA.gov website here.


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