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La Crosse, WI (KROC AM News) - A snowstorm headed to the Rochester area could produce the first snow event of the year - and it could be on the high side.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

The latest forecast (4 am Wednesday) for the Rochester area calls for snow developing Thursday and totals could be:

  • 1-3 inches Thursday
  • 1-3 inches Thursday night
  • 2-4 inches Friday

The National Weather Service says:

Periods of snow will result in a few inches of accumulation for the region Thursday through Friday. There could be breaks in the snow from time to time, moreso across northeast IA and southwest WI.

While there remain uncertainties in storm track and resulting snow totals, currently the higher amounts are favored along and north of I-90. Increasing winds later in the day Friday could blow and drift any of the fallen snow (mostly open areas of southeast MN and northeast IA).

There will be impacts to travel and these should be planned for.

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