Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- The Rochester City Council approved the city’s 2023 budget Monday night, with five council members supporting it, one opposing it and another abstaining. 

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Next year’s $600.9 million budget includes a property tax levy increase of 6.85%, which brings the city’s property tax levy to over $92.7 million. The budget also includes expenses and revenue for Rochester Public Utilities. 

City of Rochester
City of Rochester

City documents indicate Rochester's budget is divided into three major expenditure areas: 

  • $ 367.8 million for operations 
  • $213.9 million for the capital improvement program 
  • $19.3 million for debt service

The budget calls for a general fund increase of $4.1 million, bringing the fund to about $105.5 million. 57% of general fund dollars go to public safety, 16.5% for public works, 17.3% is allocated for general government and 9.1% is earmarked for other expenses.

City of Rochester
City of Rochester

Council members also signed off on a 2.5% general electric rate increase and a 5% general water rate increase for Rochester Public Utilities customers. 

The 2023 budget calls for the in capital improvement spending to be spread out across 187 projects. The budget calls for parking fees and transit fares to remain the same as they were in 2022.

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