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That's a headline I never thought I'd write, but there it is, and here we are. Happy 2020. lol

Right near one of the Great Lakes (Lake Michigan to be specific) is Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a big lake. HUGE. And in grand rapids, there's a library with a huge problem. People microwaving the library books.

You read that correctly, patrons of the Kent District Libary for Grand Rapids, have inundated the staff with microwaved books. Why are they microwaving 'em? To get rid of the 'rona. Accroding to KIRO-TV News,

Every book at the Kent District Library contains a metallic radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that can and will burn in a microwave. Books that have been microwaved will burn pages in the book and could start a fire.

If you scroll down, you'll see some of the damaged books...the metal ID tag gets super hot and burns the books. And there's no reason for it. Just as in Rochester, the books that come back to the library are put into quarantine for 72 hours (or more), as the CDC recommends. That's as long as the virus'll live on books. So when the next person checks out the book, it is Covid-19 free.

Speaking of Rochester, I asked Karen Lemke, Head of Marketing & Community Engagement for the Rochester Public Library, if they've seen any microwaved books. Nope. Which is good, Rochester, keep it up.

Especially cook-books. You'll burn the food!

By the way, if your kids are already bored this summer, check out the Rochester Public Library's Summer Reading Program (known as the Summer Playlist). They are having a special at-home edition of Summer Playlist this year that will be starting July 1st. To participate, visit curbside pickup at the library or go to a bookmobile stop and just ask for a Summer Playlist. Lots of fun prizes can be won too. Learn more here.

See five more summer reading programs in the Rochester area HERE.

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