Olmsted County ADC
Olmsted County ADC

Denver, CO(KROC AM News) - Now we know why a Rochester man was arrested by the FBI last month.  

Federal charges have been filed against 43-year-old Eric Bolduan, accusing him of online threats and harassment.

According to multiple news media reports, the charges include interstate communications and stalking that may have involved more than four dozen victims.

The reports indicate Bolduan downloaded pictures of women that included female college athletes in Colorado and then altered them using photos of nude women who looked similar. The FBI says Bolduan distributed the bogus photos online and some ended up on pornographic websites.

The alleged activity began in November 2015 and continued for about a year.

Bolduan was arrested Oct 5th after his home in the 5200 block of 51st Street Northwest was raided by FBI agents.

A spokesperson for the US Attorney’s office in Minnesota later indicated the case is being handled by federal authorities in Colorado.

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