November 6th, 2018, was a big day. It was the day Rochester elected the first new mayor in 16 years. Kim Norton will hold the office starting January 1st, 2019. That made Mayor Ardell Brede a short timer, but as with everything he does, he's seeing it thru with gusto and love.

Today's conversation covers his trips on behalf of Rochester, with especially interesting detail about his time in Saudi Arabia and China. It also includes a beautiful remembrance of his wife Judy and her experience shopping in a Saudi mall.

Townsquare Media - Rochester News Director Kim David joined us and the conversation turned to the highlights of being mayor (and what to do with all the teddy bears he was given thru the last 16 years...hint: you'll love where most of them went). 

Brede worked at Rochester Methodist Hospital and Mayo Clinic, and in 2003 ran for and won the office of Mayor for Rochester. He and his wife Judy raised three kids, traveled the world, and had a marriage that lasted 57 years until her recent death (read more about her amazing life here).

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