...you could be Olmsted County's next ear of corn mascot!

It is April Fools Day and while SE Minnesota may have had a bevy of personal pranks being pulled, I saw a lot fewer public pranks. But one, though corny, made a lot of us laugh-out-loud!

Another area Mascot.
Another area Mascot.

On the Olmsted County Facebook page:

Do you have what it takes to make people smile, dance on-demand, and handle the heat from inside a polyester corn cob costume? Then you could be Olmsted County's next ear of corn mascot!

Job responsibilities include providing choreographed routines during breaks at public meetings, greeting guests applying for or renewing drivers licenses, and posing for tourist pictures next to the beloved ear of corn water tower. Apply online at ohshucksitsajoke.com

Here at the radio station, we got some calls making sure we saw it...

  • Ellen - Aw shucks, it's really cute!
  • Dani - Best Prank Ever!
  • Jordan - Their link doesn't work. (I had to tell Jordan to read the actual link while we were on the phone and he laughed out loud!)

Where Did The Dang Thing Come From?

Corn Cob Water Tower Cares - (Rabe)
Corn Cob Water Tower Cares - (Rabe)

I reached out to Rachel Wick, Olmsted County Communications Specialist, to get the story.

Hey James! The ear of corn/  corn cob mascot came to life when Olmsted County had a celebration when the revitalization of the water tower took place this past fall. I believe our county administrator ordered the costume on Amazon and a brave employee volunteered to wear it for the occasion.

Since then, it's been used for a few promotional things on social media. It brings a little humor to the world of government. It's brought a smile to many faces. Maybe a REAL mascot is needed?!?!

I agree so I gave Rachel Wick an EARful! For instance...

  • The county could celebrate the best Scarecrow in Olmsted with the Ear of Corn presenting the Outstanding In Their Field Award.
  • Corny (I just named it) could show up and give talks about healthy body images, saying, "Don't call yourself fat, do what I do and call yourself husky!"
  • An Instagram Reel of Cornish (new name!) in the rain saying it's music to their EARS.
anna1311 GettyStock
anna1311 GettyStock
  • Could holler from a corn maze, "This is a-maizing!"
  • Doing stand-up Li'l Tower (ANOTHER new name, I'm on fire!) could say they don't like corny jokes because they're too hard to digest. #TRUTH
  • If a corn farmer won the Nobel Peace Prize, the presentation should be done by Li'L Tower saying, "We honor this farmer's dedication to world hominy!"

I'll stop now.

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

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