It's finally Halloween! When you send your kids out to do their trick-or-treating, do you get a little nervous? It's understandable but don't worry, Rochester, Minnesota was actually named one of the safest cities for trick-or-treating in the entire country.

This is according to a study. In order to determine their final rankings for the safest cities, they looked at over 300 cities across the country using five different "equally weighted metrics".

I'm so excited to see how many trick-or-treaters we get this year. It's been a long time since we've had any since we've been in an apartment. But now that we're in a house I'm pretty pumped!

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10 Safest Cities in the US for Trick-or-Treating

After looking at those five metrics they determined the following cities are the 10 safest for trick-or-treating in the country:

10. Stamford, CT
9. Glendale, CA
8. Carlsbad, CA
7. Scottsdale, AZ
6. Irvine, CA
5. Rochester, MN
4. Naperville, IL
3. Cary, NC
2. Cambridge, MA
1. Gilbert, AZ

So Rochester is the 5th safest city in the country for trick-or-treating! That's pretty awesome!

Rochester, MN is the 5th Safest City for Trick-or-Treating

The reason Rochester ranked so high is thanks to the five metrics they used. Those metrics are "pedestrian fatalities, violent crime, property crime, number of registered sex offenders, and number of law enforcement employees."

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